Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time flies and Spring hurry :]

This week I'm back in Nashville and keep working the dream and trying to make it happen. It's been a cool week I got to see one of my friends from Georgia who's also a singer/songwriter and who I hadn't seen in over a year. It was crazy. Time goes by so quickly. Sometimes I look back and wonder what's gone into every moment. I don't want to just let it pass me by and I hope you don't either. Things change and we hopefully don't change too much with it.

Last night I got to play on a songwriter round with hit songwriters Lisa Carver and Johnny Bulford. They're both so amazing and it was such an honor to be on stage with them. Johnny is one of my cowriters on "May Be Love," the single from my new CD. God has blessed me so much with my life and the people in it. My family means the world to me.

The weather hasn't quite made up its mind yet I don't think (haha) because one day it wants to be Spring and feel amazing like a trampoline needs to be in the backyard and the next day it'll want to stay Winter. Spring is my favorite season. It's the perfect temperature, my birthday is in April and Summer is exciting to look forward to. I'm not one for birthdays, but i'm sure I'll talk about that later on when it gets closer.

So who's been watching American Idol and who is your favorite? The talent is amazing.

I'm continuing my St. Jude campaign trying to raise money in memory of sweet Hayden Padgett, so please go on to my website ( and buy a CD. If you do, $1.00 goes to St.Jude. Or you can simply donate with the link on my website. Please help if you can. It would mean so much to me and I know to the family of not only Hayden but all of those who have spent time in St. Jude and will in the future.

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Have a great week and don't let time pass you by because you'll look back and realize that you haven't spent it doing what you love.