Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Lets Start a New Year:]

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it is already 2013...2012 went so fast and was packed in with so much. It's always cool to reflect on what happened through the year right before it's over. New Years resolutions are great but it doesn't have to be a New Year to have a fresh start in anyones life!! My Resolutions have to do with eating healthier for sure. I love sugar and pizza and sweet tea pretty much everything you're not supposed to love haha. I think I will be happy with the choices though and feel better:] Post some of your resolutions on my facebook page or tweet them to me at or @KatyBishop12 Christmas passed quickly this year but it was a fun time with family. As you grow up you look more forward to seeing family and worry less about what's under the tree. Part of my christmas was going to Branson and going out to eat and seeing Kirby Vanburch Magic Show! I have to admit I LOVE magic shows and it's a tradition to see this one every few years. It was great:] I also went on my annual Silver dollar city trip and didnt worry about the cold because of the beautiful lights:] New Years Eve I played a show in West Plains, MO with my friend Matt Huff. Thanks to him for asking me to play on his show!!! Till next time hope 2013 starts off just how you want it!! Love-Katy

Friday, December 14, 2012

I made it to Christmas Break!!!!!

I'm happy to say...I'M NOW ON CHRISTMAS BREAKKK! I made it through my first semester of college haha it has gone fast. It seems just as I was settling in break came! I will say after a week of finals I was ready for break! PLUSSS this break is a month long so that'll be awesome:] I've been writing and playing lots of shows in Nashville and will be playing in Arkansas during break so be sure to check out my website so you can make a show :]] I also got to go to the Grammy Nominations concert it was SO funnn. Maroon 5 put on a concert after they played at the show too so it was a fun experience for sure. I'm excited for christmas this year! It seems like it's getting here a lot faster and has been warmer leading up to it! I hope to get everything done before it gets here but that we all remember what it's really about!!! I've been working on new music and exciting things and thanks for keeping up!!! -Katy:]

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So it's seems like yesterday I was moving in for college and now the semester it's almost at it's end!!! I can't believe it!! But so much has happend in that amount of time For one I've been able to write, play shows, and connect lots in nashville. Also I got to be an "extra" on the show "Nashville"!!!! Look out episode 9:]] Although it's been fun being here I'm ready for time back in Arkansas for the holidays it's always a great time watching the santa claus, the grinch, nightmare before christmas!!! But hey Thanksgiving is first haha Let me know what you're all doing for the holidays on facebook or twitter!!! @katybishop12 Thanks!! -Katy ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soak It Uppp

Life is flying by and changing! I've been in college a couple months now and it's such a change from back home in Arkansas. I've been soaking up the Nashville Music Scene meeting anyone and doing everything I can! It is a balance for sure having an aspiring music career and going to college but it's all part of the experience that makes you stronger and shows you who you really are. I am missing the lake right about now when it is 80 degrees in TN. The weather is constantly changing! One day it'll be boots and sweaters the next shorts and a tee!!!! It's crazy but a good mix I think. Earlier this week I went downtown Nashville for the Capital Street party. The concert was free with Kelleigh Bannen, John Pardi, and Luke Bryan! It was SO awesome there were SOOOOO many people packed in and having a great time!! (When they could move haha) SOOO..I made the mistake last night of going to see Paranormal Activity 4. Coming from the girl who thinks Hunger Games is a scary movie. I just looked away and avoided all the parts that I knew would most likely keep me up all night freaking out haha. I'm excited for Halloween!!!!! I still have no idea what to be it's gotta be original! Thank you for those of you who have been keeping up with all I've been up to on these blogs or any other social media haha it means a lot to know that I'm making music that does touch people so thank you!!! -Katy :))

Thursday, September 6, 2012

College life Adjustments

So I am now a college girl. It has been a weird couple of weeks being on my own decorating an apartment, finding classes on campus,ect. All together it's been PACKED BUSY!!!! I never knew how much my mind could try to remember at one time. I think I will get my routine down sooner or later.

My roommates name is Taylor and she's awesome! We've had fun together between learning how to cook and watching episodes of Honey Boo Boo hahah (yes we watched it). This is a new phase in life but I still feel all of home still with me.

I actually went home for labor day and it was my great grandmothers 92nd birthday!! How crazy is that! I hope I got her genes cause she's doing great!

I updated my website with upcoming shows! Be sure to come out to one and find it and my cds at I'm also excited because I'm getting some cool new merch :]

My room has pictures all over it I love having memories everywhere. Also I found my spice girls poster from when I was probably 4 and it's hanging on the back of my door. I should keep that in good condition..could be a collectors item :]

Thanks for reading my thoughts and life updates!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I've been everywhere!! CMA fest to Bigstuf church camp in Panama City to Grammy Camp to the lake to Nashville again. So far this month has been crazy!!!! I've had some amazing experiences though CMA fest was a blast (about 11000 degrees) but fun! Bigstuf was incredible with amazing connections with God and speakers there. Grammy camp was so so fun with memories I'll always remember. The week i was there me and two other girls (Kristin Castro and Alaina Stacey: Check out their music) formed a trio called Maybe April. We got to write a beautiful song and perform it at the Grammy Camp Launch party it was so cool. You can check out the video of us performing that song "Loving you Still" here: was the camps first year in Nashville and though it was hosted in the south the rest of the teenagers were from all over the country mostly up north and made fun of my Arkansas accent haha. This summer has packed in a lot so far and I'm excited to see what else is to come!! Katy:]
I can't believe summer is coming to a close and everyone is going their seperate ways.. I start college Monday at MTSU!!! I'm excited but also nervous and don't know what to expect. I know I'll miss home but am looking foward to the new experience and living close to Nashville!!! Thanks for following all I've been doing! I have my NEW RENOVATED WEBSITE up and running!!! Be sure to go by there and take a look and let me know what you think shoot me a tweet @KatyBishop12 This summer has gone by so fast and it's been so different not going back to school here but thinking that at the end of summer I'd be in a new place. I need all the support I can get!!!! Saying goodbye is never fun but I know those that want to be in my life will continue to be so that it's never actually goodbye. This is just another chapter in life and growing up is hard but doesn't mean losing who you've always been! I'll be playing back home fest in September in Mammoth Springs, AR get your tickets now at!!!! Also keep checking on my website other dates:]] Thanks for reading my blog and check back!! -katy:]