Friday, December 14, 2012

I made it to Christmas Break!!!!!

I'm happy to say...I'M NOW ON CHRISTMAS BREAKKK! I made it through my first semester of college haha it has gone fast. It seems just as I was settling in break came! I will say after a week of finals I was ready for break! PLUSSS this break is a month long so that'll be awesome:] I've been writing and playing lots of shows in Nashville and will be playing in Arkansas during break so be sure to check out my website so you can make a show :]] I also got to go to the Grammy Nominations concert it was SO funnn. Maroon 5 put on a concert after they played at the show too so it was a fun experience for sure. I'm excited for christmas this year! It seems like it's getting here a lot faster and has been warmer leading up to it! I hope to get everything done before it gets here but that we all remember what it's really about!!! I've been working on new music and exciting things and thanks for keeping up!!! -Katy:]

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So it's seems like yesterday I was moving in for college and now the semester it's almost at it's end!!! I can't believe it!! But so much has happend in that amount of time For one I've been able to write, play shows, and connect lots in nashville. Also I got to be an "extra" on the show "Nashville"!!!! Look out episode 9:]] Although it's been fun being here I'm ready for time back in Arkansas for the holidays it's always a great time watching the santa claus, the grinch, nightmare before christmas!!! But hey Thanksgiving is first haha Let me know what you're all doing for the holidays on facebook or twitter!!! @katybishop12 Thanks!! -Katy ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soak It Uppp

Life is flying by and changing! I've been in college a couple months now and it's such a change from back home in Arkansas. I've been soaking up the Nashville Music Scene meeting anyone and doing everything I can! It is a balance for sure having an aspiring music career and going to college but it's all part of the experience that makes you stronger and shows you who you really are. I am missing the lake right about now when it is 80 degrees in TN. The weather is constantly changing! One day it'll be boots and sweaters the next shorts and a tee!!!! It's crazy but a good mix I think. Earlier this week I went downtown Nashville for the Capital Street party. The concert was free with Kelleigh Bannen, John Pardi, and Luke Bryan! It was SO awesome there were SOOOOO many people packed in and having a great time!! (When they could move haha) SOOO..I made the mistake last night of going to see Paranormal Activity 4. Coming from the girl who thinks Hunger Games is a scary movie. I just looked away and avoided all the parts that I knew would most likely keep me up all night freaking out haha. I'm excited for Halloween!!!!! I still have no idea what to be it's gotta be original! Thank you for those of you who have been keeping up with all I've been up to on these blogs or any other social media haha it means a lot to know that I'm making music that does touch people so thank you!!! -Katy :))

Thursday, September 6, 2012

College life Adjustments

So I am now a college girl. It has been a weird couple of weeks being on my own decorating an apartment, finding classes on campus,ect. All together it's been PACKED BUSY!!!! I never knew how much my mind could try to remember at one time. I think I will get my routine down sooner or later.

My roommates name is Taylor and she's awesome! We've had fun together between learning how to cook and watching episodes of Honey Boo Boo hahah (yes we watched it). This is a new phase in life but I still feel all of home still with me.

I actually went home for labor day and it was my great grandmothers 92nd birthday!! How crazy is that! I hope I got her genes cause she's doing great!

I updated my website with upcoming shows! Be sure to come out to one and find it and my cds at I'm also excited because I'm getting some cool new merch :]

My room has pictures all over it I love having memories everywhere. Also I found my spice girls poster from when I was probably 4 and it's hanging on the back of my door. I should keep that in good condition..could be a collectors item :]

Thanks for reading my thoughts and life updates!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I've been everywhere!! CMA fest to Bigstuf church camp in Panama City to Grammy Camp to the lake to Nashville again. So far this month has been crazy!!!! I've had some amazing experiences though CMA fest was a blast (about 11000 degrees) but fun! Bigstuf was incredible with amazing connections with God and speakers there. Grammy camp was so so fun with memories I'll always remember. The week i was there me and two other girls (Kristin Castro and Alaina Stacey: Check out their music) formed a trio called Maybe April. We got to write a beautiful song and perform it at the Grammy Camp Launch party it was so cool. You can check out the video of us performing that song "Loving you Still" here: was the camps first year in Nashville and though it was hosted in the south the rest of the teenagers were from all over the country mostly up north and made fun of my Arkansas accent haha. This summer has packed in a lot so far and I'm excited to see what else is to come!! Katy:]
I can't believe summer is coming to a close and everyone is going their seperate ways.. I start college Monday at MTSU!!! I'm excited but also nervous and don't know what to expect. I know I'll miss home but am looking foward to the new experience and living close to Nashville!!! Thanks for following all I've been doing! I have my NEW RENOVATED WEBSITE up and running!!! Be sure to go by there and take a look and let me know what you think shoot me a tweet @KatyBishop12 This summer has gone by so fast and it's been so different not going back to school here but thinking that at the end of summer I'd be in a new place. I need all the support I can get!!!! Saying goodbye is never fun but I know those that want to be in my life will continue to be so that it's never actually goodbye. This is just another chapter in life and growing up is hard but doesn't mean losing who you've always been! I'll be playing back home fest in September in Mammoth Springs, AR get your tickets now at!!!! Also keep checking on my website other dates:]] Thanks for reading my blog and check back!! -katy:]

Thursday, May 31, 2012


So, since graduation I've had a great time. I went to Florida and did so many cool things. The water was so clear and beautiful. We saw dolphins, found sand dollars, and rode waves. We also went to a place called Gulf World in Panama City that had all kinds of shows with marine animals and I definately recommend it!!!

I've also been spending time with my friends and family. I went to to my Dad's and we went out on the lake with the Jet Skis. I thought it would feel weird to be on the lake again but honestly it felt like summer never ended last year!!! We had a family gathering and it was so fun to spend time with them.

I have big plans coming up for June that I can't wait to share starting with church camp. BigStuf, my last year to get to go :( Stay posted and thanks for reading!!

I will be playing at Biker Classic in downtown Jonesboro on June 7th at 6pm! Come on out and have some fun!

Remember to watch my music video at

Thanks!! -Katy

Monday, May 7, 2012

GOODMORNING! I'm headed back to Nashville today but also have my senior choir banquet tonight so it's gonna be a lateee trip!!! This week I have some cool things lined up. I'm writing,playing in Nashville,and also playing in Jackson at Casey Jones Music Highway Crossroads, and Memphis on Saturday!!! It'll be a busy week and then I'll come home, go play Little in Little Rock, then Graduate! Wowwww

Yesterday we had senior Sunday at church. I talked about how I was going to sing "I Believe I can Fly" and how that related to us all graduating, it was cool. I also talked about how growning up in the youth group shaped who we are. It was a bittersweet day.

Last night me and my friends that were on dance team together in 10th grade FINALLY had our sleepover together that we had been planning to do 2 years ago haha. We had a lot of fun!!!

Thank you to anyone who follows my blog!!!! Remember I'm on facebook and twitter @KatyBishop12 so check it out and please help me keep getting views on my VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! THANK YYOUUUU


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I DROVE MYSELF TO NASHVILLE AND AROUND! I would say this was definitely new and different for me to drive 4 hours by myself, but the hard part was actually getting around in the city. Hey you gotta start somewhere!

Tonight I have my last school choir concert! Even though I finished High School early, my teacher still wanted me to participate, which means a lot to me!!! We are singing songs from Hey Soul Sister to Edge of Glory and she's ask me to do one of my own songs! I am planning on one I wrote with Amy Lewis called "Every Second Counts" (kinda fitting for the last few days of high school)

Summer is just around the corner and I think it's going to be one of the best ones yet!!! I can't wait to go to the lake, camp and ride wave runners! I have so many great memories and more to come.

Thanks again for the music video views!! Also the great feedback! Here's the link Also any twitter users??? Mine is @KatyBishop12 so check it out!!! Also my Cd, T shirt, and other merch is available on my website!


Monday, April 23, 2012


So by the title of this post I'm guessing you're seeing that I just turned 18 Saturday! It was a great day and my party was more like that of a 11 year old ahaha. I love being outside and just having fun. One of my friends bought a pinata. We hit it a good amount and it was really fun. Also my friends signed my shirt and we had a cookout with cake and games. I can't believe I'm already 18! I think my whole life and all the memories I have flashed back for me to realize how much time really does fly and to enjoy every minute.

Even though I graduated early my counselor is AWESOME and keeps me in the loop so I don't miss out on important things. This morning we had a graduation meeting at 8 OCLOCK ( I think I forgot how to wake up that early) and we also had senior slide show. The pictures ranged from baby to junior high to present day and I realized how sad it is to split up our class after so long.

Thank you for those who are continuing to watch and share my video we are almost to 2,000 views, it's so exciting!!!

My school choir is doing a pop concert for the end of the year and they have ask me to sing an original and participate in the group songs( if I can learn them fast haha). I am thankful for the support from my community.

Thanks for reading what's going on in my life, follow me on twitter or facebook and let me know what's going on in yours! Have an awesome day, make it count :]

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WOW! Thank you SO much for the response to my video for "May Be Love" and all the sharing of it. I'm so blessed and happy that I have the support!!!!

Today I am going out to a park here in my hometown and playing for my Mom's work staff. It's going to be a cookout so that should be fun.

Does anyone else make up weird combinations of drinks at sonic? I do for sure and one I tried recently actually that I was told about was vanilla sweet tea. Now, as a huge sweet tea fan I was thinking adding any flavoring would mess it up but I tried it because they told me it would taste like snow cream and to my surprise it did! So the last few days that's pretty much been all I've had hhaha.

This friday to celebrate a day early for my birthday I'm going to eat with my family. My aunt from Texas is getting to come in, so I'm excited about that! Time is going fast it's already wednesday!

Thanks again for helping me out with the video, here's the link if you haven't seen it yet!

Monday, April 16, 2012


So today has been a special day...MY MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT!!!! You can watch it NOW by this link I hope ya'll will!!! It's for my song "May Be Love" that is on my album Find Yourself. I wrote this song with Johnny Bulford who has the #1 song out Lee Brice's "A Woman Like You" and Janell Wheeler from American Idol! I'm so proud to have written this song with them and I'm proud of this video! Doug Lowe produced my video and he was so great. Him and his family, the Lowe family tour.Doug and his sister write amazing songs. It was a great experience and I loved his ideas!! Please share my video with friends and family!I would appreciate the help and support!

On a totally different subject My senior prom was last night and it was bittersweet. Since I finished actually going to school in December it mean't a lot to me to get to go back for that experience. Our group went to the Butcher Shop in Memphis which was great. Then, me and my date/boyfriend Logan walked around downtown Memphis getting funny looks, compliments, and lots of trips from my dress. Once we got there we had senior walk and it was sad that all the kids I grew up with will be spliting up, growing up, and going about our seperate lives. I hope to keep these memories forever and keep in touch. Graduation is coming up soon which will be a even more bittersweet moment I'm sure...better start preparing myself now!!!

Another moment coming up is April 21st, my 18th birthday! That's a pretty big birthday but that doesn't mean I'm going crazy and completely on my own I will still need help and guidance the rest of my life, I'm sure haha!

I also went to Tin Pan South recently which is a songwriters festival of the most amazing writers and it was such an inspiring experience! I hope to be up there with them soon! Thanks for following my career and life events! Let me know what you think of the video!
-Katy :]

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time flies and Spring hurry :]

This week I'm back in Nashville and keep working the dream and trying to make it happen. It's been a cool week I got to see one of my friends from Georgia who's also a singer/songwriter and who I hadn't seen in over a year. It was crazy. Time goes by so quickly. Sometimes I look back and wonder what's gone into every moment. I don't want to just let it pass me by and I hope you don't either. Things change and we hopefully don't change too much with it.

Last night I got to play on a songwriter round with hit songwriters Lisa Carver and Johnny Bulford. They're both so amazing and it was such an honor to be on stage with them. Johnny is one of my cowriters on "May Be Love," the single from my new CD. God has blessed me so much with my life and the people in it. My family means the world to me.

The weather hasn't quite made up its mind yet I don't think (haha) because one day it wants to be Spring and feel amazing like a trampoline needs to be in the backyard and the next day it'll want to stay Winter. Spring is my favorite season. It's the perfect temperature, my birthday is in April and Summer is exciting to look forward to. I'm not one for birthdays, but i'm sure I'll talk about that later on when it gets closer.

So who's been watching American Idol and who is your favorite? The talent is amazing.

I'm continuing my St. Jude campaign trying to raise money in memory of sweet Hayden Padgett, so please go on to my website ( and buy a CD. If you do, $1.00 goes to St.Jude. Or you can simply donate with the link on my website. Please help if you can. It would mean so much to me and I know to the family of not only Hayden but all of those who have spent time in St. Jude and will in the future.

Keep checking up and let me know whats going on with you on my Facebook page ( - Send me a wall post :]

Have a great week and don't let time pass you by because you'll look back and realize that you haven't spent it doing what you love.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hey!  Hope you're doing great.  This week in Nashville is CRS (Country Radio Seminar) and tons of radio programmers and DJ's come from all over the country to listen to old artists and to discover new artists' music!! It's a really cool week and I'm excited about it. I have my stickers all over downtown and, on Thursday, I get to open a show for Steve Rivers, another artist on my management company's roster, who has a single out in Canada, so check it out, if you're in Nashville!!  I'm excited that Jake Mitchell is gonna play guitar for me and Benny Reiner is playing drums.  Benny is also from Jonesboro so it's pretty cool!

I've had a busy week so far, but fun :]  Don't you love how it's hard to go to sleep, but then hard to get up? Or am I the only one who has that problem?  haha

I played last weekend in Hardy, Arkansas. about an hour away from where I live and, after my show, I got to go hear Lauren Gray, who's from there.  She's GREAT and a contestant on American Idol this season so everyone give her prayers and cheer her on!!!!!

HEY MY T-SHIRTS JUST CAME IN THIS WEEK!!! So check them out and buy them for your entire family!  Just go to and click the "Store" button to check them out!!!  I made them cool with an edgy font so both girls and guys will like them.  So guys, don't worry about them being too girly :p  I'm so excited about them.

How was everyone's Valentines Day?? I had an awesome time, hope you did too!

Thanks again for the following and support. Please remember the St. Jude fundraiser I'm doing during the month of February and try to support it.  If you buy any CD or full-CD download, $1.00 from each will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  You can also make a donation right there at my Store, if you already have my CD.  Just go to and click the "Store" button.  I would appreciate it SO much and I know all of the families affected would too.

Thanks for checking in and keep coming back! Have a fun weeekkkkk


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hey! How are you today? I'm starting to get back to normal from my illness last week, but really I have nothing to complain about at all. I know cancer has affected almost everyone's lives in some way, whether it be you yourself, a friend or a family member. I've had a number of people around me affected and you never know why it happens. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is an amazing place so close to us and I want to do all I can to help.

A few stories come to my mind.  One is about Hayden Padgett, a nine-year-old boy who I grew up with.  Hayden passed away recently but, even with this terrible illness, he was such an inspiration to the community of Mountain Home, Arkansas and to people he had never even met.  My mom and I went to St. Jude to spend time with him and his family, who we love, and they had so many activities for the kids that I was impressed for sure. I may have had more fun than they did even playing bingo!

Also Ben Sherman, in our Jonesboro community, went through treatments there.  I'm sure you may know him or similar stories that are close to your heart.

With all St. Jude does for families, I want to be able to contribute as much as I can no matter how big or small it may be and I hope you do too.  That's why, during the month of February, for every CD or Download Card that you purchase from my website (, I will donate $1.00 ($2.00 for combo packs) to St. Jude.  If you already have my CD's, buy some for friends.  Or, there's a 'Donate' button at the bottom of my sales page for you to make a cash donation to St. Jude.

You can also help by checking out my Facebook event page for the donation campaign and inviting all of your Facebook friends to participate.  Click here to go there.

So lets try to spread the word and raise all we can for St. Jude!!!  It would mean so much to me and the children that St. Jude helps every day and I know we can do it!!! Thank you so much for the help!!! Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, anywhere!


Friday, January 27, 2012


So, have you ever been sick and had things to do? This week has been a example of that! I was so excited for all that was booked and planned for my week in Nashville. Co-writes, playing out, demo work, voice lessons, just cool stuff in general! To my surprise, I wake up on my day of departure from Arkansas to find that I'm feeling terrible. Thankfully, I've gotten to do almost all of what I had planned!!

Co-writing has been great this week.  I've gotten to write with great Nashville songwriters Trent Jeffcoat, Rich Eckhardt (Toby Keith's guitar player!), Mason Douglas and Jamie Nattier from Indiana.  I'm excited about what we have written! And I still have one more tomorrow with Eddie Heinzelman, who plays with Julie Roberts and Billy Yates!  Tuesday night I played at the Commodore Grille with Ashley McBryde, Matthew Huff and Benny Reiner on drums (they are all AWESOME btw).  We're all from Arkansas, so we had fun for sure. I'm going to get to play there one more time on Saturday night before I leave for home!

Today, I went with my Dad and looked around the Middle Tennessee State University campus where I'm starting college next fall. It's a weird transition time, but exciting at the same time. I like the campus a lot.  I'm now starting the housing phase, registering for dorms and all of that fun stuff. I'm interested to see who my roommate will be considering I don't know any students :/ but I'm sure it will work out great!!

I think the worst part of this sickness is the ear infection because I don't know how loud I'm talking or when I turn up the TV or radio if it's too loud for other people! hahah  I'm glad it will pass soon!

My Reverbnation account is updated so go check that out! I hope you have a big Friday Night planned like me, resting and MOVIE NIGHT hahah. I love that. Really, I'm excited, but I'm not sure what we'll find to watch.  Hopefully, no scary movies.  I can never handle those.

Tomorrow is my last day in Nashville and then I'll be back in a week so, really, I should never unpack my suitcase haha :p  So much great stuff happening, though, so it's all worth it.  Keep coming back to see new updates and blogs.  Thanks for taking the time to read!!

Love, Katy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hey everyone! How were your holidays?? I had a great time with all of my family and going from one Christmas to the next then having a New Year's Eve get together with karaoke and homemade pizza. It was a great time and break. I also finished my senior year of high school a semester early to be able to travel to Nashville and write more often before I begin college in the Fall at MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University).

I just got back home after a week of songwriting in Nashville, where I had a lot of productive things happen and got to see and meet many talented people!!  I'll be back in Arkansas for a week then back to Nashville for a week ... that's pretty much the game plan until the Summer. One week here, one week there.

I'm also excited about the Cotton Bowl win by the Razorbacks!!!

I'm looking forward to going to college and the changes that come along with it, but I'll also miss these years and how fast they've gone. I'm thankful for the support from everyone special to me and will stay close to them no matter how far we go!!!  I'm also equally excited about all of the new things in my life.  I've been growing as a songwriter as well as figuring out who I am as an artist.  The title of my latest album, as I've mentioned before, is "Find Yourself" and I believe that term applies greatly to this time in my or anyone's life. Seventeen is a big time of change and figuring out who you are and who you're going to be as well as realizing you're growing up.  As long as I have people I love around me, I know I'll get through it and stay true to who I am.

The weather has been so weird here too!  It's warm one minute and cold the next but has never been extremely cold for too long, which I guess is a good thing.  I've heard the saying "if you don't like the weather in Arkansas, wait five minutes."  Hahaha.  I like that saying, it's funny and very true.

Last Friday night I got to play in Jackson, Tennessee at Music Highway Crossroads in Casey Jones Village,  I'm so thankful they keep asking me back to play there!!!  Plus the food is AWESOME!! I'm very fortunate to have Steve Patterson, a great guitarist, accompany me whenever I go there.  And my very talented friend and co-writer, Diana Kelley, is playing there Friday, February 3rd, so go check her out, if you're around!

Also remember to visit my website at to see the other dates that I'm playing, as well as links to Facebook, Twitter and to get my music through iTunes, CD Baby and directly through my website!!!

Keep checking the blog and thanks a ton for reading.  I hope you have a great week!!!

-Katy :]