Friday, December 14, 2012

I made it to Christmas Break!!!!!

I'm happy to say...I'M NOW ON CHRISTMAS BREAKKK! I made it through my first semester of college haha it has gone fast. It seems just as I was settling in break came! I will say after a week of finals I was ready for break! PLUSSS this break is a month long so that'll be awesome:] I've been writing and playing lots of shows in Nashville and will be playing in Arkansas during break so be sure to check out my website so you can make a show :]] I also got to go to the Grammy Nominations concert it was SO funnn. Maroon 5 put on a concert after they played at the show too so it was a fun experience for sure. I'm excited for christmas this year! It seems like it's getting here a lot faster and has been warmer leading up to it! I hope to get everything done before it gets here but that we all remember what it's really about!!! I've been working on new music and exciting things and thanks for keeping up!!! -Katy:]