Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soak It Uppp

Life is flying by and changing! I've been in college a couple months now and it's such a change from back home in Arkansas. I've been soaking up the Nashville Music Scene meeting anyone and doing everything I can! It is a balance for sure having an aspiring music career and going to college but it's all part of the experience that makes you stronger and shows you who you really are. I am missing the lake right about now when it is 80 degrees in TN. The weather is constantly changing! One day it'll be boots and sweaters the next shorts and a tee!!!! It's crazy but a good mix I think. Earlier this week I went downtown Nashville for the Capital Street party. The concert was free with Kelleigh Bannen, John Pardi, and Luke Bryan! It was SO awesome there were SOOOOO many people packed in and having a great time!! (When they could move haha) SOOO..I made the mistake last night of going to see Paranormal Activity 4. Coming from the girl who thinks Hunger Games is a scary movie. I just looked away and avoided all the parts that I knew would most likely keep me up all night freaking out haha. I'm excited for Halloween!!!!! I still have no idea what to be it's gotta be original! Thank you for those of you who have been keeping up with all I've been up to on these blogs or any other social media haha it means a lot to know that I'm making music that does touch people so thank you!!! -Katy :))