Thursday, September 6, 2012

College life Adjustments

So I am now a college girl. It has been a weird couple of weeks being on my own decorating an apartment, finding classes on campus,ect. All together it's been PACKED BUSY!!!! I never knew how much my mind could try to remember at one time. I think I will get my routine down sooner or later.

My roommates name is Taylor and she's awesome! We've had fun together between learning how to cook and watching episodes of Honey Boo Boo hahah (yes we watched it). This is a new phase in life but I still feel all of home still with me.

I actually went home for labor day and it was my great grandmothers 92nd birthday!! How crazy is that! I hope I got her genes cause she's doing great!

I updated my website with upcoming shows! Be sure to come out to one and find it and my cds at I'm also excited because I'm getting some cool new merch :]

My room has pictures all over it I love having memories everywhere. Also I found my spice girls poster from when I was probably 4 and it's hanging on the back of my door. I should keep that in good condition..could be a collectors item :]

Thanks for reading my thoughts and life updates!

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